Disable Windows Key for Fortnite

Disables the Windows Key while Fortnite is running to prevent accidentally jumping out of the game into your desktop.

If you're like me, you've run into this problem more than once when playing Fortnite: you have keybinds on Ctrl and Alt, but accidentally fat-finger the Windows key which sits between them. Suddenly your start menu pops up, pulling you out of the game at a critical moment!

I died more often than I'd like to admit due to this, so I wrote this program out of frustration.

This program will watch to see if Fortnite is running. Once it sees it, it will intercept the Windows key and prevent the keypress from registering until Fortnite is no longer running. If you decide to run the game in Windowed mode and still need the Windows key for shortcuts or to Win+Tab, you can leave the first checkmark empty ("Only disable Windows Keys when game is in Full Screen"). When that field is checked, the program will wait until you switch to Full Screen to disable the Windows Key. You can also set the program to run automatically at startup so you don't have to run it every time you start Fortnite.

When you minimize the program, it will shrink to your system tray but remain active. Close the window with the "Close" button to quit the program entirely.

I am releasing this program for free for Fortnite, but am working on a more versatile version that will work for any other game or application. Keep checking back or subscribe to my mailing list (bottom of this page) for more details!