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Delete Mac Files (for Windows)

Find and delete those pesky Mac metadata files.

If you're a Windows user that shares files with Mac users, or uses a shared drive that also services Macs, you're undoubtedly familiar with a bunch of weird files that show up after a Mac has accessed a folder. .DS_Store has been the bane of my existence more than once. You also may discover shadow files lurking in your filesystem, these are files that begin with ._ then have the name of an actual file in the filesystem. Let's not forget the folder __MACOSX, which shows up often too, often with a duplicate file structure within it taking up a significant amount of space with more junk files. These files are metadata that MacOS uses to help Finder remember how to display the file. On a Mac, they're invisible to the user, in fact, the user can't even delete them. But on Windows they show up as regular ol' files, polluting the filesystem with needless garbage. Delete Mac Files is an application to find and remove all these files. You simply provide a folder to search and the software will find all those pesky Mac files in the folder, optionally all child folders, then give you the opportunity to delete whichever ones you want (probably all of them!).

For most Mac users, deleting these files will have no effect. They may lose custom display settings if they have some set up for that file. Unfortunately the next time a Mac accesses the folder, these files may be re-created, so it's good to keep Delete Mac Files around for subsequent runs.

Here's a video showing Delete Mac Files in action:

Delete Mac Files will be available for purchase soon.


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