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Disable Windows Key for Games

Empowering Gamers, Minimizing Distractions

It's the final round, the heat of the battle is on, every keystroke matters and then - disaster strikes! You accidentally hit the Windows key, the Start menu pops up and throws you off your game. You're out of the action, all because of a fat-fingered key. It's a problem PC gamers know all too well.

Introducing the Game Windows Key Disabler. This software is here to ensure that the Windows key no longer stands between you and your ultimate gaming victory.

No More Accidental Start Menu Pop-ups

Game Windows Key Disabler is specifically designed to tackle the issue of accidentally pressing the Windows key during intense gaming sessions. It allows you to input a list of your games, using the game's EXE file and a label of your choice. Once the game starts running, the software disables the Windows key, making sure the Start menu won't interrupt your gaming experience.

Game-Specific Settings

Each game is different, and your preferences might change depending on what you're playing. With Game Windows Key Disabler, you have the power to specify the key disabling feature for each game individually. You can toggle whether the game needs to run in full-screen mode for the Windows key to be disabled or have it work in any mode.

Seamless Integration

Game Windows Key Disabler effortlessly integrates into your system. It can be set to run at Windows startup, quietly minimizing to an icon in your system tray. This way, it's always ready to go when you are, without intruding on your desktop space. When you minimize the program, it will shrink to your system tray but remain active. Close the window with the "Close" button to quit the program entirely.

Full Control Over Your Experience

In a full-screen game with the Windows key disabled but need to quickly switch applications? No problem. You can still use Alt-Tab to switch out of your game. Game Windows Key Disabler smartly recognizes this action, restoring the Windows key to its normal function. As soon as you Alt-Tab back to your full-screen game, it promptly disables the key again, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Try It Free!

Not sure if Game Windows Key Disabler is for you? There's a 14-day free trial, so you can see the difference it makes first-hand. Discover how much more immersive and enjoyable your gaming can be when you're in control of your keyboard.

If you only play Fortnite, I have a Fortnite-specific version released for free. Game Windows Key Disabler will still work with Fortnite, of course, along with most other games.


Update History

Version 1.0.28 BUG FIX: Prevented multiple instances from running

FEATURE: Added Windows notifications

BUG FIX: Installer properly upgrades a running version

Version 1.0.20 - Initial Release


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