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Windows 10 Update Disabler (updated for 2020)

Block updates to Windows 10 and stop Windows Updates in their tracks!

Windows Updates are important. They bring the latest security patches to computers all around the world, and generally are a good idea to leave enabled. Occasionally though, a Windows Update can break functionality of a computer. Perhaps it conflicts with a hardware device driver, or updates a driver that no longer works with your specific hardware. New to Windows 10 is also Microsoft's policy of now FORCING you to install Windows updates. You CAN'T disable them without a lot of tinkering on Windows 10. This was never true on previous versions of Windows. I totally understand WHY Microsoft went this route. Average users see Windows Updates as an inconvenience and don't fully grasp the necessity for frequent updates. But for Power Users who understand the risks and are willing to take those chances, the fact that we no longer have an easy option to disable updates has been the subject of quite a bit of debate since the release of Windows 10 in 2015.

So I did the tinkering for you, and wrote this program to EASILY disable (or re-enable) Windows updates. Literally one click of a button toggles updates on and off. Here's what the program looks like:

one-button to disable Windows updates

You can see there's not much to it. Click the button to turn Windows Updates off when they're on, or on when they're off.

That being said, I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU USE THIS PROGRAM, because updates are important. Most users should leave Windows Update turned on and receive all updates. There is an occasional user, however, who has things configured just right, and doesn't want to take the chance that an update might mess up their system. This utility is for that rare person. Please leave updates enabled unless you have a VERY good reason not to.

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