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Hi, my name’s Christian! 

At the core of my life is a deep love for music and technology. As a prominent Radio Host and DJ, I bring energy to the airwaves across the US and the dance floors of Southern California over a wide range of musical formats and artist interviews. 

When not behind the decks, I channel my creativity into software engineering, building custom multimedia applications, designing bespoke high-end PCs and hardware/software solutions, and producing visually stunning animations and graphics. My work is a mix of rhythm and innovation, a balance of sound and sight. 

My artistic expression extends to remixing music, video editing, graphic design and cinematography, crafting visual narratives that complement my audio adventures. 

But it's not all work and no play; I thrive on humor, curiosity, wearing dark colors, and the occasional popcorn-throwing at the movies!

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Subscribe to Christian's YouTube channel for all manner of consumer tech. Everything from PC's to phones to software. If you're a gamer, a creator, or just a user of the internet you'll probably find something here for you.

We build PC's, tweak software, and explain concepts in a way you can understand, with an emphasis on high-quality production value, edutainment, and technical accuracy.

ASUS White Strix 4090: Is it Worth Your Money?

ASUS White Strix 4090: Is it Worth Your Money?

Certainly one of the BEST LOOKING cards in this generation! I did an unboxing for the 3090 version of the white Strix, so it’s only natural that a 4090 version would follow. Except this time, in addition to unboxing, I also put it through the full suite of tests and benchmarks to see how it stacks up against the NVIDIA Founder’s Edition. Finally, if you’re having a hard time getting your hands on one of these, we’ll cover some ways to buy one, and some alternatives that you might want to consider. Thanks for watching, please like & subscribe if you enjoy this type of content! 0:00 Intro 0:45 Outer Box 1:23 Specs 2:00 Goodies 3:32 Put a Ring on it 4:50 A Look Aaround the Card 6:30 Size Comparison to Related GPUs 7:58 Power Draw 8:40 Synthetic Benchmarks 8:53 Gaming Benchmarks 10:00 Production Benchmarks 10:17 Stable Diffusion & Handbrake 10:36 Performance Conclusions 12:08 How to Find one 14:57 White GPU Alternatives 16:24 Related Content LINKS: Amazon Listings for the RTX 4090 Strix White OC (affiliate link, but make sure you look at “New & Used” to maybe save some money!): ASUS Direct Link for standard: ASUS Direct Link for OC: Gigabyte Aero 4090 Direct Link:
The REAL Truth About the iPhone 14 Pro Max

The REAL Truth About the iPhone 14 Pro Max

After over 10 years, this is one of the first flagship iPhones I can not recommend. That doesn't mean it's all bad though. This video will share the good, the meh, and the bad based on my experience with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. To be fair, my issues with the phone are largely related to software, which may be fixed in an update at some point. But for now, my experience with the iPhone 13 Pro Max on last year's iOS 15 was a lot more pleasant, despite the quality-of-life improvements that iOS 16 is supposed to provide. One clarification on this video post-publishing: The nightclub footage at 6:35 is NOT from the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This was footage recorded on the Canon R5C cinema camera that was intended to be used as a placeholder during editing but never got replaced. Do you have an iPhone 14 Pro Max? Are you happy with it? Please let me know your experiences in the comments. If you'd like to pick up an iPhone 13 Pro Max, which I did like quite a bit, here's an affiliate link: Chapters: 0:00 Intro & Ethics Disclosure 1:15 Sections 1:35 Good: Screen Brightness 2:29 Good: Performance 3:04 Good: Emergency SOS 3:44 Good: Collision Detection 5:00 Good: Cameras 7:22 Good: Dynamic Island 8:36 Meh 8:58 Meh: Dynamic Island 10:23 Meh: Always-On Display 12:52 Meh: Notifications 14:30 Meh: Lightning 15:48 Meh: Lack of Headphone Jack 16:05 Bad 17:04 Bad: Freezes 17:43 Bad: Visual Glitches 18:55 Bad: Bad Touchscreen Input 19:45 Bad: Screenshots 20:08 Bad: Mail 20:35 Bad: Camera Unreliability 22:22 Bad: Random Audio Playback 23:41 Conclusion - Reliability