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CC Fonts

Locates, extracts, and saves fonts installed by Adobe Creative Cloud.

When you pay for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, one of the many tools it comes with is a large library of fonts in a variety of styles. While there are many free font sites out there on the web with gorgeous fonts, the licensing of those fonts can sometimes be scattered, and as a busy creative you may not have time to track down the licensing for every last font you want to use. So there's undoubtedly value in knowing that every font in your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is going to be free-and-clear for your use.

Adobe Creative Cloud "Active Fonts" view

It is often said that the people that piracy protection & DRM hinder the most are legitimate licensees of a product, and that once again proves to be true in this case. Adobe's Creative Cloud software hides the actual font files from you in order to prevent you from copying it or backing it up, and to protect them via their licensing system. There are legitimate use cases where you will require the font file for fonts that you are licensed to use, such as for use on a system that's offline, or needing to make a custom modification to the glyphs inside the font file. Recently I ran into one of these use cases, so I had to figure out where the actual font files were and how to decode them. You can locate the files yourself in AppData (Windows) or Application Support (Mac) under /Adobe/CoreSync/plugins/livetype/ and then either /r/ (Windows) or /.r/ (Mac) but the files are still obfuscated by a seemingly arbitrary ID number that Adobe assigns them. The data to discern which files correspond to which fonts are in a file called entitlements.xml in the /c/ (Windows) or /.c/ (Mac) folders. Rather than continue to deal with this manually, I put together a simple utility that will search for all active Adobe fonts and allow you to "export" them as .otf files. You simply select which fonts you want to save, click the button, and choose your destination.


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