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Silence Scanner v 2.0

Find silence in your audio files.

SILENCE, or "dead air" as we call it in broadcasting, is typically a bad thing. It can be used for dramatic or comedic effect on occasion, but most of the time it's undesirable. Unfortunately, when producing recordings, podcasts, radio shows, etc, sometimes rendering errors or misplaced tracks result in silence sneaking its way into our productions. That's where Silence Scanner comes in. You can use Silence Scanner on your final renders to check for unacceptable areas of dead-air before uploading a finished audio project.

Simply drag your audio files into Silence Scanner (or use the Add button) and click Scan for Silence. Advanced users can set their desired threshold and duration for silence detection.

After processing, any files where silence has been detected will indicate their status in the list, where you can click them to discover the exact times of the instances of silence in the file.

Here's a quick video demo of Silence Scanner 2.0 in action:

A NOTE ABOUT MAC DOWNLOADS: I’m not a registered Apple developer so my apps aren’t signed. To get this to run after installation, you might need to: 1) open Terminal and run:

	sudo xattr -rd '/Applications/Silence'

2) Right-click the app and choose “Open”.


This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here.


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