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Dead-Air Detective

Monitor a radio station or audio stream for dead air.

For radio stations or streams, "dead air" is among the worst problems you can have. It means something has broken, someone has stopped paying attention, or something has otherwise gone wrong.

Your listeners will notice dead air. But you can be right on their heels 24/7 with Dead-Air Detective!

Dead-Air Detective monitors your station and takes action when a certain threshold for dead-air is met. It listens to the sound card of your choice and diligently monitors each dB passing through it, waiting to spring into action.

Once your pre-set amount of dead air has elapsed, Dead-Air Detective will execute a number of actions that you have pre-determined.

You can tell Dead-Air Detective to log the times to a text file, send an email to the Program Director, or even run any program, batch file, script or website to send other notifications or restart your automation system. Using the "Run On Silence" field, you could open a website that sends you a SMS, or perhaps a script that automatically fires the next element in your automation system, the possibilities are limitless.

Ensure your station stays online with Dead-Air Detective!


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