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Fans of the show "30 Rock" will recognize this immediately! I was browsing the 30 Rock Subreddit when a user made a comment that there was once an app called Ham Horn that played the memorable clip from actress Sherri Shepherd saying "HAM!" in Season 5 Episode 17 ("Queen Of Jordan").

That app apparently was changed, "HAM" was removed and replaced with some other sounds, and now some users report being unable to find it altogether. In any case, 30 Rock is my favorite comedy of all time and I was inspired to make a replacement. I give you, which is nothing more than a button that when clicked says "HAM." I cleaned up the audio significantly, you can see in the original waveform there was ambient noise either edited into the footage to smooth out the cuts or included in the original recording (most likely the former). All of the "HAM" sound bites you can download on the internet include this background noise and it pollutes the track. I used a noise cancellation algorithm to remove that noise from the sample, so the resulting sound is the cleanest "HAM" you'll find online! You can see the noise indicated in the orange boxes on the original waveform below. It is obvious in these areas but also is mixed underneath the word "HAM" itself.

If you'd like to use The Ham Button in its standalone form, feel free to visit it from any HTML5 compatible browser either on Desktop or Mobile at:

I am also embedding The Ham Button here for your enjoyment:

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