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Free Progress Bar

This is a decent looking progress bar, of use to motion designers or programmers of both applications and games. If the colors are not to your liking, you can adjust them with a batch H/S/L adjustment.

The progress bar is actually a collection of 101 PNG files (with alpha transparency):

To display a certain percentage in your software, simply load the image that corresponds to that percentage. For example, to display 50%, show CWProgress1_050.png.

In the case of motion graphics, you should be able to load the entire group of files as a PNG Sequence.

I have also created a project for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 featuring the progress bar with a simple controller method. That project is available for download below as well. The Fusion project is limited to 51 increments, so every other value is skipped. If you need higher precision in your Fusion project, you'll need to download the PNG files and create a custom solution.

This project is released under the MIT License and is free to use, modify and distribute. Credit is always appreciated, but is not required.

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