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Alarm for Xojo

The Alarm object is a Xojo ContainerControl that lets you set multiple alarms to go off at various times during the day. This object makes it easy to schedule events - just set the properties and wait for it to notify you.

With Alarm, you can set dozens of alarms, cancel/delete an alarm and create a new one, edit an old one, set many alarms, and cancel alarms at will.

Alarm even tells you when the date has changed. You can use this to remove all of the current alarms and set new ones for the day. A must if you're writing a Personal Information Manager.

Alarm is invisible to the user.

You can try Alarm for free! Download the encrypted demo version (runs the About method on startup), complete with documentation and sample project. With the demo, you can see if Alarm will work in your application and even begin using it. You'll just need to register the object before distributing your program. Registration is just $8.00, and you'll get the unencrypted object with full source code!

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