Got a little problem on Windows that needs fixing or a setting that needs tweaking? You're in the right place! Generally, everything here is a simple registry patch, but if you're not comfortable poking around in your registry (and unless you know what you're doing, I REALLY don't recommend messing with your registry) these downloads will give you a far easier and safer alternative.


For a while, Microsoft offered a number of "Fix It" utilities for Windows that would fix common problems and offer interesting functionality. These programs were easy to use and generally only did one thing. They were fast, lightweight, small to download and disposable - You'd just delete them when you were done with them. I liked Microsoft Fix It's, they were handy.

This area is filled with my own "Fix Its." These are small, lightweight Windows programs that do ONE thing or change one type of setting. When you're done with them, feel free to delete them, or hold on to them for future use.


If you have any requests for a utility, please let me know!

Microsoft Fix It