Virus Scan False Positives

Viruses and malware are bad. They cause immeasurable amounts of damage to systems, data, finances and can completely ruin their victims. In today's world, it's really a cat-and-mouse game between the bad-guy Malware Authors and the creators of Security Software.

Traditionally, Security Software, like an antivirus or antimalware program, is updated every so often. These updates contain "fingerprints" of viruses that the security company has observed out in the world. But if you get a NEW virus, perhaps one that hadn't been fingerprinted yet, your system would be infected.


Because malware (and especially ransomware) makes big bucks for the bad guys now, they are cranking out new kinds of malware faster than the Security Software can keep up with updates.

So newer security software, instead of looking at fingerprints, looks at downloaded software heuristically, which results in a much higher chance that software is accidentally flagged as being malware, when it's actually safe.


None of the downloads from this site contain malware or viruses. But sometimes, your security software might incorrectly think something you downloaded here is unsafe and delete the file. 

If that happens, please let me know by visiting the Contact page. Let me know what antivirus software you're using and what you downloaded, and I'll try to submit my software to that company to white-list in a future update. In the meantime, it'll be up to you whether or not you trust my downloads enough to risk running them on your computer, but that's just as true of every program you download.


Thanks for visiting my site and downloading my software.





Christian Wheel