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PNG Compressor

Compress your PNG's up to 95%!

PNG files (pronounced "ping") are great! They're among the highest-quality images on the web. 24-bit PNG's use lossless compression so they retain all their clarity and a perfect-pixel image. What's more, they support alpha transparency! It's no wonder that PNG files are among the most widely used image formats on the web.

But it's not all sunshine and puppies for PNG files. They do have one giant drawback: they take up a LOT of space! PNG Compressor will "compress" (that is, quantize and convert) your 24-bit PNG images into 8-bit PNG's, preserving your transparency and finding a great balance between filesize and quality.


Check out these samples!


Q: Does this affect the quality of the image?

A: Technically yes. But in most images you won't notice the difference. Occasionally, in some logos or images with smooth gradients, you may see some color banding or dithering.

Demo Version

The demo version of the software can compress files up to 1MB in size. Registration is coming soon.

The Mac version is an x86 (Intel) binary and will require Rosetta to run on Apple Silicon Macs.


I'm not a registered Apple developer, so my apps are not signed. Due to the restrictions they've been adding to MacOS over the last few versions, you may get a few different error messages. If you get an error message that the program is damaged and should be moved to the trash, don't panic! Open a terminal window and run the following command:

sudo xattr -rd '/Applications/'

If you get an error message that the program can not be run because it is from an unidentified developer, right-click the program in your Applications folder and choose Open.


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