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KeepAwake for Windows

Prevent your computer from sleeping or hibernating, and optionally prevent your screen from going blank or to the screensaver.

Windows lets you set Power Profiles. In fact it ships with one by default called "Balanced." But there are just some times when you want your computer not to go to sleep!

You can, of course, go into Control Panel and change your power settings. But then you have to remember them, and remember to change them back later.

This utility lets you suspend sleep/hibernation as long as it is active. It has an optional switch to prevent screensavers or screen power-down as well.

When you run the program, you'll see the interface above. Just click the big button to turn KeepAwake on or off. Add a check in the "Keep Screen Awake Too" box to do the obvious.


f you close KeepAwake, it will no longer function. Instead, you can minimize it and it will shrink to the Notification Area / System Tray. You can click it to view the interface or right-click for more options.


When you first install KeepAwake, it will run in Evaluation Mode. In this mode it will keep your system awake uninterrupted for a period of four hours, after which its functionality will cease until you acknowledge the nag screen and then you can re-activate KeepAwake for another four hours.


KeepAwake registration is coming soon.


  • Windows 7 or later

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime (if you have Windows 10 or Windows 7/8 with updates enabled, you likely already have this)


  • The state of the "Keep Screen Awake Too" checkbox is saved in the registry and will be preserved on subsequent executions.

  • You can start the program in the "on" state by adding the command-line parameter "ON", as in: KeepAwake.exe on

  • Known issue: If you move KeepAwake to another monitor before minimizing it, then disconnect that monitor and attempt to restore the KeepAwake window, it will restore off-screen. As a workaround, right-click the tray icon and quit KeepAwake, then run it again.


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