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Hot Corners for Windows

Make your computer do stuff when your mouse is in the corners.

One of my favorite things about Macs are the built in Hot Corners. Hot Corners let you drag your mouse to one of the corners of the screen, and this executes a certain action.

For me, I typically always set my screen to turn off when I move my mouse to the top-left of the screen. It's great if you need to walk away from your Mac for a little while, you can save some power by turning off the screen without putting the whole computer to sleep.

But Windows lacks this functionality, so I wrote Hot Corners for Windows, and enhanced it quite a bit.

The interface is inspired by the Mac interface. In each corner of the screen, you simply select the action you'd like to take when the mouse moves to that corner.

Available options are:

  • No Action

  • Sleep Displays

  • Screen Saver

  • Lock Workstation

  • Go to Desktop

  • Open a Folder

  • Suspend the System

  • Hibernate the System

  • Open URL

  • Custom Action (open any file or program)

Furthermore, you have the ability to customize how the program operates:

"Corner Hotspot Size" lets you select the size, in pixels, of the hitbox that the mouse is looking for. The smaller this value, the closer to the true corner of the screen you need to be for Hot Corners to execute. "Linger / Trigger Time" is the number of milliseconds that your mouse should be within the hitbox above before executing. By default it's set to 1 second so you won't trigger it accidentally too often. "Operate On Monitor" lets you restrict Hot Corners to a single screen, perhaps your main display. "Run Custom Files In Background" is for when one of your corners runs a Custom Action. If you have a script that you run regularly with Hot Corners, you may not want the window to pop up and take the focus away from other things you might be doing. This setting allows those programs to run in hidden windows. "Disable on Fullscreen Apps" is pretty vital if you play any games, especially First Person Shooters, where your mouse coordinates may enter the Hot Corners hitbox as part of the normal gameplay. You don't want your screen to turn off when you're in the heat of battle, so you can set Hot Corners to temporarily deactivate while you're in a full screen app.

"Repeat 'Sleep Displays' every 10s" is a legacy setting and I may remove it soon unless someone says it's useful to them. For a while, I had my mouse sensitivity too high, and when I'd want my screen to be off, the rumble of a car driving by my home was enough to wiggle the mouse and wake the system up. This setting re-sends the sleep command to the monitor every 10 seconds when the mouse remains in the hitbox.

Trial Version

You can try Hot Corners for 14 days for free. Registration is coming soon.


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