Adobe "UpdaterStartupUtility quit unexpectedly" Fix for MacOS!

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

After updating to Mojave, I started getting the following crash ALL THE TIME:

This crash would happen consistently on startup, and occasionally while the system was running. It is intrusive and the source of the problem elusive, as there doesn't seem to be any obvious reason it crashes. Searching the Adobe forums is also an exercise in frustration as there don't really seem to be any real solutions posted. Adobe just flat-out needs to fix this utility.

So what IS UpdaterStartupUtility? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. It exists in both the Mac and Windows versions of Creative Suite, and runs on startup on both systems. Based on several ASSumptions, it appears to be some sort of launcher for automatic updates to Adobe CC that launches at system startup. One consequence to disabling it might be that your Adobe CC apps will no longer automatically check for updates and you'll have to launch the Creative Cloud app manually to check for them.

That's a worthwhile trade-off, in my opinion, for not having to deal with this app crashing all the time and throwing up these intrusive pop-ups.

So I created this app to disable it. It's really simple, one click backs up the utility and prevents the system from trying to run it at startup. If at a later date you decide you want to give it another try, run my utility again and another click will restore it. If you install or update any Adobe application it'll also probably restore UpdaterStartupUtility, so you'll need to run this again. I have been running Creative Suite 2019 every day for about a month now with UpdaterStartupUtility disabled with seemingly no adverse effects, but I make no claims as to side-effects of running Adobe CS this way. Use at your own risk!