Windows 10 "God Mode" Folder Tool

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

The "God Mode" folder in Windows 10 is a special folder that shows a number of configuration options for the system in one long list. You can get to all these settings from within the Windows 10 "Settings" app, but without the convenience of all the settings being in one place.

HowToGeek did a great write-up of the "God Mode" Folder and how to create one manually. If you want more info, check that link.

I wrote a quick utility that will create the "God Mode" folder in a place of your choosing.

In "Folder Name To Create," you choose the name of the folder ("GodMode" is the default). Note that when the actual folder is created, on most systems the name you choose will not be visible. The name is not irrelevant though, the name you provide will be used as the filesystem shortcut to open your "God Mode" folder, for example you can create a shortcut to it by name, or run it via the "Run" menu with whatever name you chose to give it.

You can choose to place your "God Mode" folder on your desktop, or select a folder by choosing "Custom Folder." Select your folder (or leave it at the defaut of Desktop) and click the "Create GodMode Folder" button. The "Help" button will bring you to this page.

The "God Mode" folder's icon will look like this, and as previously mentioned, the name will be invisible.

Once created, you can safely delete or rename it.