Windows 10 Game Bar Disabler

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

One of the many features of Windows 10 is the Game DVR. It's designed to let you perform high-speed video-captures of your screen while playing video games, and then upload your footage to the many streaming services. I prefer using Nvidia's ShadowPlay for this purpose, and I was always a big fan of Beepa's Fraps (even though it hasn't been updated in a few years, it still works perfectly). In any case, something that's been annoying me for a while is due to my use of mapping the Windows+G keystroke combination using AutoHotKey. Every time my application starts up via this hotkey, I receive this annoying popup from Windows:

Do you want to open Game bar?

This popup occurs because Windows+G is, by default, the keystroke to open Game Bar to facilitate recording, and even though AutoHotKey correctly starts my application, it doesn't disable the built in Windows 10 Game Bar keystroke command. The most annoying part is no matter how many times you close it without selecting "Yes, this is a game", it never remembers the setting and continues to keep asking every time you press Windows+G. You can disable this yourself by starting the Xbox App, going to Settings, Game DVR, and turning off the option called "Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR." But for me, using the built in Administrator account, I can't run any UWP apps, so running the Xbox app isn't an option. Instead, I wrote this utility that will disable (or re-enable) the Game Bar for you. Enjoy.