"Updates Are Available" Popup Disabler

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

This screen is a HUGE annoyance for me on Windows 10. A big, blue "Updates Are Available" popup consumes the entire screen and is completely modal (A window is described as "modal" when it takes the foreground and requires your attention to dismiss it before you can continue on with another window). This popup is especially annoying for gamers. You might be playing a full-screen game, then suddenly this popup pulls you out of gameplay and requires that you dismiss it before you can return to your game.

Here is what this popup looks like:

I have written a utility that will prevent this popup from occurring. You'll still need to update Windows from time to time, but it won't intrusively warn you about it via this popup anymore. As always, you can always restore the default functionality (bring the popup back) by running this program again.

One caveat with my program, it will only work on English versions of Windows. Because some of the scripting involved requires