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Glenn Frey Tribute Mix

Glenn Frey rose to fame as one of the founding members of legendary rock group The Eagles. He played guitar, piano and keyboards, and also wrote and sang for the group. Through his run with The Eagles, he won six Grammys and five American Music Awards. After The Eagles broke up in 1980, Frey struck off on his own and launched a successful solo career, beginning with his debut solo album "No Fun Aloud. Frey once again found success on both the small and big screen, recording "The Heat Is On" and "Shakedown" for the Beverly Hills Cop films. He also had hits with "You Belong To The City" and "Smuggler's Blues" from the TV series Miami Vice, where he also acted in a guest-starring role. Frey found more acting work on Nash Bridges, HBO's Arliss and the film Jerry Maguire.

In total, 24 singles associated with Frey's have appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This mix, composed of both solo and Eagles hits, is dedicated to his career and memory.

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