Christian designs Motion Graphics and animation. Mostly for social media campaigns, but occasionally television commercials and digital billboards as well. Please contact Christian if you're interested in contracting him to create an animation for your brand or event, or even to animate an existing graphic or logo.

You can see Christian's Motion Graphics portfolio below.

This is a vector (EPS) template of the background plate for a Legendary item inspired by the graphics used in Fortnite: Battle Royale. I created this vector from scratch, and in the zip file you'll also find an extremely high resolution JPG version (10240 x 5760) in case you don't have vector editing tools.

Furthermore, I created an animated version in 4K that you can use in your videos and gifs. It is loopable and lasts a duration...

This is an animated lower-third graphic (sometimes called a Chyron) that I created in After Effects CS6. Its design was inspired by a recent segment I saw on a major cable-news network.

The animation is subtle. The borders of the two left boxes have a glint that cycles, and the red background pulsates a bit. All these animations occur in a seamless loop over 10 seconds. Obviously you could change any of these settings within After Effec...

This is a decent looking progress bar, of use to motion designers or programmers of both applications and games. If the colors are not to your liking, you can adjust them with a batch H/S/L adjustment.

The progress bar is actually a collection of 101 PNG files (with alpha transparency):

To display a certain percentage in your software, simply load the image that corresponds to that percentage. For example, to display 50%, show CWProgre...

I finally got around to updating my Motion Graphics reel for 2018. You can find it on the Motion Graphics page or by linking to Vimeo directly here.

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