Mac vs PC, iPhone vs Android, Canon vs Nikon. There is so much to keep track of in the world of tech. Let Christian Wheel do it for you! He’s been writing software since he could read, and has been broadcasting professionally for over fifteen years. His unique, engaging and relatable delivery will bring the world of tech right through your radio and illuminate this challenging field while simply explaining otherwise complicated concepts. 

Christian focuses on practical tech - things that affect your everyday life. Social media, computers, smartphones, software, home theater, digital cameras and online security are just some of the topics of discussion.

Need help choosing a cellphone? Computer won’t boot up? You can call Christian and he’ll walk you through the solution on the air, saving you from data-disaster and expensive repairs. And he’ll do so with an inviting, patient tone understandable to even the most tech-challenged. 

What’s more, Christian delves into how technology affects the world and our ever-changing culture. New social etiquette rules will be demystified. Tune in to "Let’s Talk Tech" this weekend