EXIF Destroyer

for Windows

You may not realize it, but every time you take a photo with a digital camera, there is invisible information saved inside that image file. This metadata, called EXIF data (EXIF stands for EXchangable Image File), can reveal things like the date and time the photo was taken, the type of camera/lens used, along with more innocuous information such as exposure info. 


But, if your camera has GPS capability (most smartphones), the location the photo was taken in can also be saved inside the file. Then when you share the photo online, the whole world can figure out where you took it. That might not be a big deal in a public place, but if you took the photo at home or in private, now everyone knows where you live!


EXIF Destroyer will allow you to remove all the EXIF data from your photos in batch. You can run it on Jpeg files before you upload them online. Protect your privacy with EXIF Destroyer!


This is something I put together on a whim. I'm making it available for free but with no support.